Art is extremely important for me.

I think artistic expression, in any form, allows emotions to wander and dream, or ground themselves.

It is my opinion that soulful gratification is important to a healthy psyche.

I sketched and painted as a child, continuing through my teen years into high school.

As I explored mediums of oils, pastels, charcoal, acrylics and pencil, experimenting with different substrates, I discovered glass.

In 1972 I scored my first piece of glass, uncovering my challenge material… I was in LOVE with glass.

I sought instruction from the minimal resources available at the time, from places that offered art-camps such as Pilchuck, VCU in VA, Corning Glass Museum, Penland, Wheaton Village and others.  Taking home skills to practice and perfect as my own.

In the mid 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s, I served on the boards of Peninsula Glass Guild and International Glass Guild of America working with these groups to encourage glass artists in education, recognition and small business.

In the early 1980’s I began instructing art class, predominantly in glass techniques, with a smattering of drawing and painting and design instruction.

Glass is a passionate medium, working with it cold, or manipulating it with heat, changing its form in the kiln or in a flame to create vessels and jewelry.

Glass is moody and temperamental…with a need for firm guidance. Yet it produces works of art admired through the centuries as those in church windows and vessels surviving thousands of years from the early Egyptians, who revered glass more precious than gems.

Decorating glass requires a little chemistry knowledge, but the rewards can be stunning.

Using crushed glass fused onto itself as paint or chunk will give an elaborate or a fine pictorial design.

Vessels such as plates or bowls or beads to use as jewelry, become functioning works of art.

Panels of flat glass can show elaborate works of “painted” form by staining and enameling processes of the old masters.  As seen in church windows.

Glass is a fascinating medium to work with and continually challenges the individual, leaving them desiring more.

In recent years I have begun re-exploring paint.  Working in mixed-media and paper, I have re-discovered a latent passion…one that is fulfilling that creative soul I speak about, no less passionate or temperamental than glass.

I have again begun work in oils, and acrylics on many substrates that I didn’t think to use in the 70’s and I am achieving some works of merit.

I can also add to my list of achievement, camera.  Video for filming classes and the Photographers camera to capture pictures I am experimenting in digital manipulation.  A category or art that is relatively ignored at the present but, I think it deserves recognition, as this is not such an easy process.

Art is alive, passionate, expressive and necessary!

Mary S. Hunt